About Us

A little glimpse of who we are and what we do.

What is CDG Design?

Founded in 2011 as a freelance endeavour, CDG began to fulfil a need for clean and modern website design primarily to web design firms in North America. As word of mouth brought more and more business and expertise, we have since expanded to do branding/re-branding initiatives, full Wordpress CMS website builds, print media design, and even professional video! We have worked with clients big and small, from womens cosmetics, NYC lawyers, small corner restaurants, to sheet metal shops! We take the initiative to learn about your business and develop something that suits your needs and practically works for you.

We Want To See Your Long Term Goals Acheived.

We succeed when you succeed. We firmly belive in providing you with a product and service that will help you expand your reach and establish yourself correctly within the online community. We utilize great web and graphic design, branding strategy, and even personal experience to maximize your potential. We take great care to listen to you, our client, because ultimately you know your customers best.

What We're All About

We have a developed and deep rooted passion in the relationship of technology and design which we love to share with friends, family, and clients. With devices and storage getting smaller and more powerful at an exponential rate with infinite number of screen resolutions, it can be a full time job just keeping up with the latest procedures and trends. We're here to be your digital technology and modern design resources, to enable you to focus on what matters: Your business.

Founder & Senior Designer

Cameron Guenther is a 27 year old graphic and web designer from the Greater Vancouver Area. He has lived all across Canada and has come to define the west coast, Fraser Valley, as home. From the gorgeous scenery, the beautiful weather, to the wonderful people who reside in and around Vancouver, BC are nothing short of inspiring. Cameron has a fairly laid back personality with a driven and motivated mindset, that being said, challenges and new experiences are exciting and appealing to him.

Great Prices and Quality Service.

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